Kao Collins X-Bar Installation By PDS At Key UK Customer Site

Kao Collins X-Bar Installation by PDS at Key UK Customer Site

We are delighted to confirm that Phoenix Digital Solutions has started the initial phase of installation at one of our key and premium customers here in the UK.

Our customer has been unhappy with the Kodak Versamark 9” printheads for some time now and has been seeking a direct replacement for this old and dated technology. After many months of research into alternative technologies, the Kao Collins X-Bar printhead has been identified as the replacement Drop on Demand printhead technology of choice.
The X-Bar printhead writing system is robust, reliable and has been proven to work well in an industrial environment.

No more waiting around for Chargeshort recoveries, printhead swabbing, long Ready and Shutdown sequences and the best part is, these printheads are not billed hourly. So when, in the past, you had an 8 print head job, 7 were sat in Ready and one printhead wouldn’t come to ready, you were still charged by Kodak on the refurbishment cost, for every hour those other printheads are sat in Ready (and not producing) while you try and get this one problematic printhead into Ready. This billing method is outdated as well as the continuous inkjet technology from yesterday.

PDS are heading up the installation of the 8 X-Bar fluid stations, 8 X-Bar 9” wide printheads and the KaoCollins Universal Controller. We are mounting the new printheads to a modified bracket that has bene designed and created by an engineering company we use for our press modifications. There is very little in way of change on the existing press, we unbolt the old Versamark printhead mounts and bolt our new printhead mounts to the press. We even use the same tach and cue signals to drive the controller.

If you are interested in changing over from an old printhead technology, and are looking for a 4” or 9” wide print array at 1200 dpi across and upto 1200 dpi down web resolution, please get in touch with us and we can make it happen with you.