Systems we support

Supported systems

Below are some of the supported systems that we currently supply and support in the UK and Worldwide. If you would like to know what Phoenix Digital Solutions can do for your business, please contact us. We offer a wide range of Digital Print related services to both end users, printer manufacturers and suppliers.

We can supply and maintain almost any Digital Inkjet Printing System, contact us with details of your systems.

KaoCollins XBAR /
Fuji Diamatix Systems:

  • XBAR 4" Systems
  • XBAR 9" Systems
  • XBAR Universal Controller

KaoCollins have a direct replacement to the Kodak Versamark digital high-speed printing systems. This is known as the XBAR. This will print upto 9.3" inches in width at a high speed and a high resolution.

The XBAR printhead is based on the Samba printhead technology developed by Fuji Dimatix. This gives a cross-web resolution of 1200dpi and a downstream resolution of upto 600dpi.

The 4" and 9" XBAR printheads are a direct replacement to the Kodak Versamark printing systems, allowing a drop-on-demand solution in place of the older "continuous" inkjet that the Versamarks which we all know was anything but continuous with the amount of downtime caused by charge shorts and other problems. Additionally, the XBAR Universal Controller will control and RIP IJPDS and PDF data for printheads other than the XBAR, so Kodak Versamark heads, Eagle printheads and others.

We are an approved KaoCollins XBAR distributor and service provider in the UK and Europe. Contact us today if you would like more information on the XBAR Printing Systems.

Scitex Digital Printing:

  • 5120 - 1" System
  • 5122 - 2" System
  • 6240 - 4" System
  • PS90 - 9" System

Scitex Digital Printing were the original manufacturers and suppliers of one of the first, fast, reliable digital inkjet printers that are still running today, some of the printheads still carry the Scitex logo.

Scitex was based out of Dayton Ohio and originally was a division of Kodak, Scitex purchased this operation from Kodak in 1993, Scitex sold this division back to Kodak in 2004.

Contact us if you need any support on this equipment.

Kodak Versamark:

  • DS5120 - 1" System
  • DS5122 - 2" System
  • DS6240 - 4" System
  • DS9100 - 9" System

Kodak bought back Scitex Digital Printing in January 2004 and renamed their operation and equipment to Kodak Versamark. All digital inkjet print equipment sold by Kodak is sold under the name of Kodak Versamark.

Kodak Versamark has continued to fund the research and development of their high speed digital print equipment and has recently released their Stream / Prosper printing technology.

To date their Stream S Series component heads are hard to beat they are reliable, fast, competitively priced and delivering a high print resolution of 600 dpi.

Contact us if you need any support on this equipment or are interested in purchasing a system.

We support Digital Inkjet systems

We work with many suppliers and customer around the world so we hear and find out a lot of information regarding used machines for sale and companies needing to source new and used equipment.

If you have any used digital inkjet equipment you or your company are selling, please contact us. The same goes if you are looking to purchase any new or used digital inkjet printing equipment, please contact us. We can help source, negotiate with suppliers, train your staff, maintain and service your new equipment.